villa-pavilion on northeastern Inwang-san
delightful former hillside royal residence of the Daewon-gun
in Buam-dong neighborhood, north of Seo-chon, on the western side of Bugak-san
Part of the Bukhan-san Sub-range
The above photos were kindly given
by Robert Koehler; see his photo-
page here to see more great
shots and his description of the
history and features of this lovely
place, a classic of authentic late-
19th-century Korean architecture.

The Seokpa-jeong [Stone Wave
Pavilion] was owned and enjoyed
by the Daewon-gun, or by formal
title the Prince Regent Heungseon,
who was the father of the youthful
King Gojong and the most powerful
figure of his times, crucially important
at the end of the Joseon Dynasty.

Photos below here are mine.
great old pine-tree next to the main villa,  Bugak-san looms beyond, Seoul City Wall can be seen
Sketch by Pen artist Kim Yeong-taek including a brick pavilion next to the
villa that was moved to a fancy restaurant before the current restoration,
with the Seoul Museum (modern art) now situated below the Seokpa-jeong.
The charming Yusu-seongjung-gwanpung-ru, which translates as “Pavilion
Where You Can Listen to the Running Water While Viewing the Foliage.”