4342  Lunar 3.8  --  the "Second"
Inwang-san Sanshin-je Ceremony
Held on April 3rd 2009 by a Nationalist-Shamanic Association
of Koreans who highly venerate this sacred mountain
at the Guksa-dang Shrine
This year's event was better-publicized in advance, but the date was changed from
Lunar 3.3 (Sunday March 29th) to 3.8 (Friday April 3rd) -- I haven't found out why -- which
certainly reduced the amount of people who could attend, and mystifies me -- I suppose
that calculations of the most auspicious day were more important than attracting wider
attendance.   This year was also different in being held right at the famous
National Spirit Shrine, instead of further up the slope.  There is not much more space for
viewers than above, as the Guksa-dang's courtyard is quite narrow.
This event's organizer was again the "Han-guk Mushin-gyo Yeonhap-hoi" -- the symbol on
their flag is an interesting 5-color reworking of Korea's traditional
Despite cloudy grey skies and a lingering chill breeze (Spring came late this year) a good crowd
was there by 11am and it was another significant step in these modern neo-traditionalist revivals
of  important ancient customs of venerating these holy crags.  Several leading
shamanists and trad-nationalists performed six hours of vibrant ceremonies.
Offerings on the Main Altar
the Altar inside the Shrine
Secondary Altar in the Courtyard
spiritually warming-up
It was interesting that she used the Republic of Korea's national flag so extensively, in the five
colors that this Association uses as motif -- this is a fairly-new and rapidly-spreading practice,
replacing the standard colored flags which are plain or had Shamanic symbols on them.
Announcement-Poster for this event,  and a
hand-written "shopping-list" of foods and drinks
to be prepared for the ceremony
(both posted at
the Yong-wang-gak a few weeks in-advance)
a few of my
Kyung Hee