4341  Lunar 3.3  --  the "First"
Inwang-san Sanshin-je Ceremony
Held on April 8th 2008 by a Nationalist-Shamanic Association
of Koreans who highly venerate this sacred mountain
Although this event was not publicized much in advance,  it was a significant modern
neo-traditionalist revival of an important ancient custom of these holy crags.  Madame Manshin
Kim Keum-hwa and other leading shamanists and trad-nationalists led the ceremonies.  I was
glad to have found it (after some searching around the slopes!)
This banner, just at the foot of the Seon-bawi's stairway, was the only advance-
notification that I ever saw.  The organizer "
Han-guk Mushin-gyo Yeonhap-hoi" could
not be found on the internet.  On the day, Shawn and I finally found the ceremony
being held at the altar-space
hyeol just below the great stone tiger of Inwang-sa.
As I was taking photos from the crowd, the leading Manshin Shaman recognized me (having gotten my
book's Korean edition a few years ago), and invited me to participate in the ritual veneration of Inwang-san
She then asked me to speak to the crowd about the significance of Inwang's
San-shin and the importance of reviving and continuing ceremonies like this