Sanshin & Yongwang
antique painting in the Guksa-dang
National Spirit Shrine
This excellent antique Sanshin & Yongwang icon-painting -- age undetermined -- was
newly found by me in the Guksa-dang side-room in 2009 -- it is very rare to have these
two powerful spirits depicted together, suggesting a combined veneration of Earthly
(mountain) and Heavenly-Water (dragon) energies -- this is a unique folk-art treasure!
shot without the flash
Yong-wang the King of the Dragons, holding the flaming pearl of wisdom
Dongja angelic-boy attendant offering fruits of fecundity, and the ferocious tiger
the top of this icon is badly damaged by candle-smoke
this Sanshin is rather plain, civilian, middle-aged -- and beardless,
barefoot, one leg folded-in -- these are "folk-buddhist" themes