This San-shin-do  [Mountain-Spirit Painting]  is the oldest known of its kind  -- possibly-even from
the 1700s, but scholars aren't sure.  It's very well-done; the mountain-king looks wise, healthy and
handsome, holding the standard white-crane-feather fan, while the 'realistic' tiger is both wild and
intimate.  The boy-dongja holds a tree-sprig aloft, or perhaps it's a ginseng plant; the necklace-
mantle of paulowina-leaves is an echo of sanshin's relationship with national-founding-king Dan-gun.
Oldest  San-shin
Painting in the Guksa-dang
National Spirit Shrine
Because of the highly-reflective glass used, and the high-contrast lighting inside the shrine, taking a
proper photo of these precious icons is almost impossible; presented here are the best shots i could get.