This Chil-seong-shin-do  [Seven Stars Spirit Painting]  may be the oldest known
of its kind  -- possibly from the early 1800s, but scholars aren't sure.

It represents the "Big Dipper" / "Ursa-major" constellation, as 7 worthies rather
Chinese in appearance -- not as 7 "buddhas" like in most later icons of this deity,
especially those found in almost every Korean Buddhist temple.  This Daoist-origin
"star-god" exemplifies the Powers of Heaven in the broader sense, and serves as
a fertility spirit in the narrower view.  There is no depiction of the North Star Spirit
[master of longevity] as there usually is in the later ones.  There is, however, 3
more "star-spirits" above, a version of the "
Samshin" fecundity-deity.
Oldest  Chilseong
Painting in the Guksa-dang
National Spirit Shrine