Inwang-san    Guksa-dang
National Spirit Shrine
one of the Korea's most-sacred sites
Central Shamanic Shrine of the Inwang-sa Complex
The Guksa-dang at the center of the "Inwang-sa" temple/shrine complex of southern Inwang-san, just
below the
Seon-bawi, is Korea's foremost Shamanic Shrine [Musok-dang].   It was originally located on
the peak of Nam-san (a.k.a. Myeonmok-san, seen in the hazy distance in the below photo) but was
moved here in 1933 to avoid it being torn down by Japanese Imperialists.  It contains a collection of what
are believed by many scholars to be Korea's oldest extant Shamanic paintings (1700s) -- of particular
value is what may be the oldest
Sanshin-do [Mountain-Spirit Painting] and the oldest Dan-gun-do [Altar-
King Painting of the mythical national Founder].  The Guksa-dang is now privately-managed by a small
group of Shamans and their supporters, as-if it were not a public treasure of all Korean citizens -- they
are sometimes friendly to visitors, but often not.
2009 Inwang-san Sanshin-daeje Ceremony performed  in
front of the Guksa-dang  -- see
this page for full coverage
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