Hwangak-san  황악산
The Hwangak-san [Yellow Crags Mountain] dominates the western border of Gimcheon City,
which forms the southwest corner of North Gyeongsang Province
(Gyeongsang-bukdo).   It is a
significant member of the
Baekdu-daegan Ridge-line.  It hosts the very important Buddhist
monastery Jikji-sa and several related hermitages; in modern times it has become famous for
its splendid scenery and as an excellent tourist destination, with many motels at its feet and
restaurants that serve wonderful courses of
Sanchae-jeongshik [wild-mountain-vegetables meal].
The western slopes of Hwangak-san are in Yeongdong-gun County of North Chungcheong
Province, and are host to the small Yeongchuk-sa Temple.
View down to Jikji-sa's valley (left) from Hwangak's summit on the Baekdu-daegan trail,
taken by Roger & Andrew of the
2007 Baekdu-daegan Expedition Team
Major Sacred Sites on Hwangak-san:

Jikji-sa the "Finger-Pointing Temple"

Shinseon-bong Eunseon-am
Unsu-bong Unsu-am
Dosol-am  and Udu-ryeong Pass
Sanggeo-ri Jiri-dae Seungyu-je Pavilion

Nearby:  Baekma-san Shinheung-sa
(one of the Gusan-Seonmun Temples)
Baekma-san Gobong-sa
Baekdu-daegan Trail Guidebook
"Hiking Korea’s Mountain Spine"
By Roger Shepherd and Andrew Douch,  with David A. Mason
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Jikji-sa at the SE base of Mt. Hwangak-san is one of the Top-21 Temples
of South Korea, and one of the oldest existing temples in all of Korea.