Provincial Highway 903 runs from the great monastery Jikji-sa southwards alongside the
Baekdu-daegan Range-line, below the east face of the southern main-ridge of Hwangak-san
[Yellow-Crags Mountain, 1111-m] in Daehang-myeon District on the west side of Gimcheon City.
This small, quiet, simple hermitage is found in a farming-village on the east side of the road just
before the turnoff west up to
Samseong-am.   Dosol-am is about 3km from the crest-line; it was
formerly named Woljeong-sa and is still indicated thusly on some maps, and is now independent of Jikji-sa.
quiet temple  to the NE
and  Udu-ryeong Pass
The large new monument on the Udu-ryeong [Cow's-head
Pass], where Local Road 901 climbs over the Baekdu-
daegan Ridgeline (from Gyeongbuk to Chungbuk), just
south of Samseong-am and Cheonbul-am, down the road
from this Dosol-am.   Note the map of Korea showing the
Baekdu-daegan Line on its base.  Photo taken by Roger &
Andrew of the
2007 Baekdu-daegan Expedition Team.
Yaksa-Yeorae or Medicinal Buddha
the only entrance-sign
the San-shin altar
Modern and quite standard in motifs, but sumptuously done;
dongja attendants, 2 boys and a girl, with a variety of symbols.