The one highly sacred site on Heuiyang-san is
Bongam-sa Monastery
upper photo by Robert Koehler.
Remote  and "Forbidden" Mountain in the "hairpin"
sector of the Baekdu-daegan Mountain-System
998 meters high
including Guwang-bong 900m, Shiru-bong 914m and Iman-bong 991m
Steep, pyramidal Heuiyang-san in September 2012, shot by Roger Shepherd in 2010.
The highly-auspicious name 曦陽山 means "Sunshine-Yang Mountain", connoting a very strong
brightness, the yang here being that of the yin-yang
[eum-yang in Korean] philosophical duality.
It is honored as one of the
Seonjong Gusan  [9 Holy Zen-sect Buddhist Mountains].
Distant view from the south, approaching from Wonbok-ri Village of Gaeun-eup In
southern Mungyeong City, off Provincial Highway 922 --  photo by
Andrew Douch
Heuiyang-san is generally closed to hikers, to protect its nature and also the
extreme isolated sanctity of Bongam-sa Monastery on its southern foot.  
This photo of the back of
Roger Shepherd, by Andrew Douch, shows the point on
the current
Baekdu-daegan Trail that is as close as we are now allowed to get.
The beautiful Bongam-sa Gyegok scenic-gorge on Heuiyang-san's southern foot is
closed to the public every day of the year except the Buddha's Birthday Holiday, to
protect the extreme isolated sanctity of the nearby intensive-meditation temple.
Great photo by
Robert Koehler.
The very large relief-carved Amita Buddha in the Bongam-sa Gyegok scenic-gorge;
I don't yet know when it was carved or what its Treasure designation is.
Heuiyang-san views by Johanne Miller