Guided Tour to the
Gyeryong-san   Sanshin-je
Mountain-Spirit Festival
Third Full Moon,  April 19~21, 2019
Shamanic veneration of the goddess of Mt. Gyeryong-san, long believed
to be female and highly powerful, second only to the
Jiri-san Cheonhwang-
bong  Seongmo-halmae San-shin, a.k.a. Mago, Matriarch of all Korea --
often held to be her first daughter.  This annual festival is held by the
Gongju Folk-Drama Association and the Gongju government, on the
3rd Full Moon (by the Oriental Lunar Calendar).  It takes place just
outside of Shinwon-sa Temple on the western foot of the great mountain,
and outside the border of the Gyeryong-san National Park, and within the
southern border of Gongju City in Chungcheongnam-do Province.  This
mountain was thought to be extremely sacred since the ancient Baekje
Kingdom and then the Unified Shilla Dynasty, and was designated of
supreme holiness by
Doseon Guksa, a highly-enlightened scholastic
and meditation master while also a renowned geomancer-prophet.
National Founding-King Dan-gun (painting at center) is also primarily
venerated at these rituals
images from the 2008 Shamanic ritual-performances