Anjeong-sa Temple  안정사
on the upper east side of Gyeryong-san
Anjeong-sa is a medium-size and ambitiously-growing modern temple on the north-east slope of
Gyeryong-san National Park, across the National Highway, with some excellent Sanshin iconography
Its Samseong-gak, with sign-
board strangely resting on the
ground that day, contains a
new shamanic male Sanshin
painting (featuring all-white
robes like a
rare motif) standing in front
of an older, female Sanshin.
The well-done female Sanshin painting representing Gyeryong-san at Anjeong-sa.
Dongja servants offer fruit, while white cranes rest in the pine tree.
Sanshin holds pink bullocho in the Shinjung-taenghwa
modern stoneworks and a vision of innocent
mountain-paradise in the main courtyard
the upper courtyard's Mireuk-bul
statue is fronted by a stone
shrine similar to those anciently
used for San-shin worship
a Thousand-armed Gwanseum-bosal dominates the Main Hall