Hiking over Three Buddhas Peaks  삼불봉
with friends, November 2005
photo by Catherine Germier-Hamel
Cheon-hwang-bong [Heavenly-King Peak], 848 meters,
behind the central Sambul-bong.
Jacky Min and Shin Mia
photo by Catherine Germier-Hamel
other folks hanging out on a lower peak
looking back east towards Shinseon-bong
[Spirit-Immortal Peak] (left), which we'd passed by
an unfortunately cloudy and hazy day
The Yongmun-pokpo [Dragon-Gate Waterfall] at the dramatic western
foot of Sambul-bong, between Shinheung-am and Gap-sa.
Nine international friends did the popular hike thru
northern Gyeryong-san National Park on a chilly
and cloudy day in late November 2005.  From the
eastern Donghak-sa entrance we climbed past the
Brother-Sister Pagodas over Sambul-bong and
down past Shinheung-am to the Gap-sa exit.
old slackers Jeremey and David (USA), tourism expert
Catherine G (France), UNESCO officer Shin Mia (Korea),
Poet Rayn Roberts (USA) and student Barbara (Sweden)
Gwaneum-bong [Bodhisattva of Compassion Peak] in front
of Cheon-hwang-bong and Yeongcheon-bong (right rear)
Above: an alternate trail of stone
steps leads up a mossy hillside

Left: lunch on a rock with the group,
Yana in the white hat