Gyeongsan City's
Temple of Great Master Wonhyo's Birthplace
Jeseok-sa is a modern temple built on flat urban land in Buksa-ri Neighborhood of Jain-myeon
District, in southern Gyeongsan-si City, in Gyeongsang-bukdo Province, just east of Daegu Metro City.

It was built in the 1980s on the site that is believed to be the aristocratic village-house where
Great Master Wonhyo was born.  It is named 帝釋寺 제석사 after the Jeseok-bul "King of Heaven
Buddha / Manager of Gods" (
Indra) figure at the center of Korean Chilseong [Seven Stars] icons.
Most of these photos were provided to me by my good friend
Roger Shepherd.
The Great Master Treasure Hall, dedicated to Wonhyo as a Buddha
The Samseong-gak [Three Saints Shrine] is to the left of that hall,
behind some biseok monuments and an ancient sacred dangsan tree.
The great antique (but 20th Cen) traditional Sanshin-taenghwa [Mountain-spirit icon-painting] inside it.
This temple is a key site of what Gyeongsan proudly calls its Sam-Seonghyeon 三聖賢 삼성현
[Three Virtuous Sages] that were born in this city -- Wonhyo 元曉, his son Seol Chong 薛聰 who
became Shilla/Korea's first great Confucian scholar, and Seon Master
Iryeon 一然 of the late
Goryeo Dynasty who authored the classic book
Samguk Yusa [Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms].