Gyeongju Nam-san NE side
Sanshin Statue and
Woljeong-sa Sanshin
Quirky Minor Sites of the NE area
Between the Poseok-jeong and the Bae-ri Sambul-sa / Samneung area, on the upper-west side of
Nam-san, in a farm-field near the road, there is now a full-size statue of
Sanshin the Mountain-spirit,
to my delight!  It is next to a large Buddha statues, similar to the
Seokguk-am Buddha; these were
probably placed here as advertizing for a nearby statue-making company.  I enjoyed
posing with my
dear friends Christopher and Geri, in July 2013...  on a great day of Samneung-gol hiking on Nam-san.
Just behind those statues to the left is a small modern Buddhist joint, calling itself Woljeong-sa
[Moon-Vitality Temple], same name as the grand monastery in the Odae-san Mountains; it is a
member of the "
Munsu-jong" or Bodhisattva-of-Wisdom Monastic Order, a very small grouping.
The only thing interesting about this little temple is its great modern Sanshin Taenghwa altar-
painting, with some wonderful artwork-motifs and a vivid holy-white tiger!
Some of the greatest Fans and most elaborate Halo I have ever seen in these....
The first time I saw them was after-dark in 2011, and the Sanshin had a coat of gold paint!
More quirky folklore items on display at the craft-studio there
This is a guide-sign for "Korean Wave" tourists, near the
entrance to the Samneung Valley, saying it's a location where
a scene from the hit movie "Queen Seondeok" was filmed.