Gyeongju City   경주시
The Ancient Capital of Korea, in North Gyeongsang Province
including Gyeongju National Park

One of Korea's Top-Three Travel-Destinations
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The Holiest Peaks of Gyeongju  경주오봉     (See O-ak page)
are collectively one of South Korea's Most-Sacred Mountains,  and include:

the Nae-O-ak or Inner Five Sacred Mountains:

Nam-san aka Geum-o-san   466m,  SOUTH

Toham-san    745m,                      EAST

Nak-san or Nang-san   ~200m,  CENTRAL

Seondo-san   381m,                     WEST

Sogeumgang-san  179m,            NORTH

Other Sacred Mountains of Gyeongju Area:

Danseok-san  827m,  one of the Woi-O-ak or Outer Five Sacred Mountains of the Shilla Kingdom

Gumi-san  594m, the new 8th section of Gyeongju National Park

All are parts of Gyeongju National Park

Seolchang-san / Daemi-san Yang-dong Aristocratic Village, UNESCO W.H. Site

Ulsan Petroglyphs           Ulsan Borim-sa Female Sanshin