North Jeolla Province  Gunsan City's
Japanese Colonial Buildings
I saw these sites of Japanese Colonial architecture at the old Gunsan City Port area on a guided tour
on March 3rd, 2018, by the
Royal Asiatic Society - Korea Branch.   We were thoroughly educated by
editor & photographer
Robert Koehler, assisted by academic cultural historian Seok Ji-hoon.
1922 Bank of Chosun Building, now the Museum of Local Architecture
Very authentic-seeming
Chinese Restaurant,
rebuilt 1961.
The brown brick building to left,is now a charming coffee / brunch shop;
on right are just old residences.
Old Customs Headquarters Building, 1925
Lovely mansion of a wealthy Japanese rice-trader, 1930s
fully refurbished for tourism
awaiting refurbishment!
some Sanshin-focused Korean Shamanism is being practiced in this Colonial residence...
in front of that coffee-shop