1034-meter Peak along the Nakdong-Jeongmaek Ridgeline, within
western Ulsan City, NE of Gaji-san and S of Gyeongju,
with a few interesting Buddhist Temples
Daeseong-sa Temple
right along the ridgeline trail
all these photos by hiker Andrew Douch
The San-shin painting of Goheon-san Daeseong-sa is quite
ordinary, except for the rare white robe
(more Korean/Shamanic)
in front of this humble little-visited temple is this amazing array of granite statues atop doltap stone towers.  
They appear to be, fro L to R:  Gwanseum-bosal, Sakyamuni Buddha, Mireuk Buddha, a San-shin
, a Yong-wang-buddha (!)  and another San-shin with staff!  (last 3 are detailed below)  Unique!!