金烏山  금오산   976m summit
The "Golden Crow" Mountain of Gumi City
Provincial Park of North Gyeongsang
Still  Under  
Late 14th-century Neo-Confucian Scholar Gil Jae, disciple of Jeong Mong-ju and like him
remaining loyal to the final Goryeo kings and refusing to recognize the coup-formed Joseon
Dynasty, hid in Doseon-gol cave here for many years to avoid the wrath of Yi Seong-gye
and his sons.  His disciples secretly visited to bring food and receive lessons.  Many years
later, a
Seowon [Academy with Shrine] was built at Geumo-san's base to honor him.
Doseongul is a tiny cave that serves as a natural fortress high in the hills of Gumosan
National Park.  First used by a monk named Doseon (of whom little is known), the
cave later sheltered the famous Goryeo (Koryö) loyalist Gil Jae (Kil Chae), who was
revered by many in the Joseon (Chosön) dynasty for his fidelity to the last Goryeo
King.  The cave was later used by refugees fleeing the Japanese in the Imjin war of
1592-98.  Though not truly "architecture", the cave has sheltered many fleeing trouble.

To reach the cave, visitors climb along a steep path edged with an iron railing.  Don't
attempt the climb if you're afraid of heights!