Geumgang-san  금강산
the fabled & spectacular "Diamond Mountains"
of North Korea, now patially open for international tourism
Left:  the famous painting
"Entire View of Geumgang-san"
by Ahn Hyeon, 18th Century,
one of Korea's most important artists.
Jeongyang-sa Temple, with a six-sided shrine (similar to the Dokseong-gak of Haein-sa)
in-between the Main Hall and the stone pagoda -- a unique arrangement.
the famous Buddha-Triad relief-carving at Sambul-sa [Three Buddhas Temple]
the Oknyeo-tang [Jade-Maiden Bathing-Pool]
of Okryu-dong [Jade Pavilion Village] Valley
Yanghwa-sa Temple's Main Hall, with unique portraits of Sages
the great relief-carving of Amita-bul
[Buddha teaching in the Western Paradise]
at Myo-gilsang-am Hermitage
UPDATE:  in what is both a crime against the highly-sacred historical
character of this mountain and an inevitable step of modern-tourism
development, "The first golf course on North Korea's Mt. Geumgang is
under construction and will open in October.  The course has several
specially designed holes, including a par seven hole, the world's longest
with a length of 1,014 yards, and a par 3 hole, which is also known as
the 'hole-in-one' hole" -- reported on August 18th, 2006.
Still  Under  Construction