Geumseon-am Hermitage
of Gaya-san Haein-sa
original flagpole-supports, 800 CE
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Dragons support the new Main Hall, which is named on its signboard "Beob-dang" (Beoptang)
[Dharma Shrine] -- this is very rare; most temples Main Halls are formally named "
or another such formal Buddhist title, and are only informally referred to as "the beob-dang"...
This temple does not display any San-shin icon, but its Main Hall does have an excellent set of
Ten Ox-Herding Paintings:
(R to L)  #1, #2 and #3 on the west side-wall
#4 on the north rear-wall
(R to L)  #5 and #6 on the north rear-wall
#7 on the north rear-wall
(R to L)  #8 and #9 on the east side-wall
#10 on the east side-wall
Myself, lecturing my KyungHee Buddhism-class
students about what these paintings mean,
during our April 2008 study-trip to Gaya-san