DPRK Hwanghae-bukdo Jeongbang-san
Seongbul-sa   成佛寺
Enlightenment Temple
North of Guwol-san and the Daedong River
The Goryeo Dynasty Eungjin-jeon [Victory-of-Truth Hall] was only partially refurbished over the past 800
or so years, and is considered very authentic together with its 5-story granite Pagoda.  Since the early
Joseon era it has served as Seongbul-sa's
Nahan-jeon [Sakyamuni Buddha and Arahant-Disciples Hall].
Late-Joseon-style Sanshin-gak! [Mountain-Spirit Shrine], with plum, bamboo & tiger paintings, signboard missing
This is one of the dozen greatest Buddhist monasteries in North Korea, and is their National Treasure
#87.  It is located at the southern foot of Mt. Jeongbang, also traditionally called Cheonseong-san
[Heavenly Saint Mountain].  It is located in Junam-myeon District about 8 kilometers north of Sariwon
City, which is north of the Daedong River and close to the Yellow Sea, nestled in dense forest -- now
with a reservoir in the gorge next to it.

It is said to have been founded by
National Master Doseon shortly before he passed into nirvana
and legends in 898.  It was a very important temple in the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties, serving as
the headquarters-office for all the Buddhist sites of northern Hwanghae Province.  It was safe from
the 1392-98
Imjin Japanese Invasion, but was damaged during the 1950-53 Korean War. Its name
成佛寺 성불사 means “Achievement of Buddhahood" or "Accomplishing Enlightenment" Temple.
around the Korean War, from an airplane
The Mountain-King icon inside
Biseok monument for a royal visit in 1127
Budo funerary monuments for master-monks who taught here
I don't know the date or source of these old B&W photos above & below -- let me know if you do!
Amita Buddha and Bodhisattva statues, probably from the Goryeo Dynasty