Yong-san  Beobun-am
Dragon-Mtn Dharma-Cloud Hermitage
Temple in Pyeongyang City, DPRK
Yong-san Beobun-am  [Dragon-Mtn Dharma-Cloud Hermitage]  Main Hall
Entrance-view of the Main Hall
Sanshin-gak,  set into the cliff-boulders in a classic Korean location!
Chilseong-gak!  [Seven Stars-of-Destiny Shrine] -- looks older, could be pre-war?
Biro-bul  [Variocana, the Cosmic Buddha of Infinite Universal Light]  in the Main Hall
Sanshin painting, late 20th Cen; realistic tiger is a post-1980 phenomena.  Quite classic-ordinary
motifs, except that the
dongja boy holds 7 peaches, suggesting the Chilseong motif -- rare.