Chilbo-san   칠보산
Mountain of Seven Buddhist Treasures
on the east coast of North Korea
Gaeshim-sa [Opening-the-Mind/Heart Temple],  the principal historic monastery
here, with what appears to be a small Sanshin-gak beside the main hall.
This sacred mountain is a North Korean National Park, on the largest protuberance
on the east coast of Hamgyeong Province, and the United Nations World Tourism
Organization is working on a project to assist its opening and development for
international visits.  However, the October 2006 explosion that was claimed to be a
test of a nuclear weapon was conducted just south of here, a factor that is not very
auspicious for the future of this area as a tourism attraction...
Habiro-am  [Lower Vairocana-Buddha Hermitage]  below the Biro-bong summit
Mt. Chilbo Registered as International Biosphere Reserve

Pyongyang, July 3 (KCNA) -- Mt. Chilbo was registered as an international biosphere reserve
at the 26th meeting of the UNESCO International Coordinating Council of the Man and
Biosphere Program, the 4th of its kind after the registration of Mts. Baekdu, Myohyang and Guwol.

Mt. Chilbo, one of six famous mountains in Korea, has been called "Mt. Geumgang in
North Hamgyeong Province" for its scenery.

The mountain, covering 250 square kilometers of area in the northeastern coastal part of
Korea, is divided into Inner Chilbo, Outer Chilbo and Sea Chilbo boasting of waterfalls,
fantastic rocks, thick forests and sea sceneries.

There are also many historical relics and the state natural monuments in the mountain.
And more than 40 percent of the species of the country's animals and birds are inhabited
in the mountain favorable for ecology tourism.