淸凉山 청량산
Provincial Park in Bonghwa County,
north of Andong City in North Gyeongsang Province
Cheongryang-san is a highly-sacred mountain in-between Andong City and Sobaek-san, forming a
spur-range off the Deoksan-jimaek Range that branches from the Nakdong-Jeongmaek Range
Chilbo-san 914m)
.  Its main peak is 870m, and its subrange includes Sanseong-bong 845m, Munmyeong-san
894m, Hwang-u-san 601m and Mirim-san 686m, all on the east banks of the upper Nakdong River
.  It is famous
for stunningly-beautiful scenery, contains the grandly-situated Nae-Cheongryang-sa Temple and a
few other smaller temples and shamanic shrines.  In addition, just across the border into Andong
City and just across the Nakdong River, in the southwestern "Saeji-san" area of Cheongryang-san,
sits Korea's most famous Neo-Confucian Academy the
This beautiful mountain is associated with 7th-century Great Buddhist Master Wonhyo,
8th-century calligrapher
Kim Saeng, Confucian-Daoist Sage Go-un Choi Chi-won, and
Neo-Confucian Sage
Toegye Yi Hwang  -- 4 of Korea's top-30 cultural heroes!!   
Perhaps only Jiri-san can compete for that concentration of folklore-value...
산행기 - 유청량산록(遊淸凉山錄)
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