Bulam-san  /  Cheonbo-san
East  Cheonbo-sa
Courtyard in front of the Main Hall
East Cheonbo-sa [Heavenly Treasure Temple] is in Namyangju City, very close to its
borders with Seoul and Guri City.  It occupies a dramatic position up against the high
east-facing cliff-slope of
Cheonbo-san [Heavenly Treasure Mountain], the southern
subsidiary  of Bulam-san.  A long narrow paved-road leads in from upper Bulam-dong.
They claim that a temple was founded here in the 800s (late Shilla Dynasty, same time as
neighboring Bulam-sa)
, but there seems little evidence for it.  Such an amazing location
may well have been a Shamanic
Sanshin-venerating site since ancient times.  This
current temple was built in the 1980s, and the stone carvings done in 2000.
This old signboard Cheonbo-san Cheonbo-sa hangs over the garage.
it's a very pleasant place with friendly residents and Jogye Order monks
multiple bronze Buddhas inside the Main Hall
view out east from the courtyard
charming bell / bodhisattva / wish-making shrine
Another unusual modern feature -- stone tigers guard the Main Hall.  Tigers are very popular in
Korea, indeed the primary national folk-symbol, but not considered as "Buddhist" animals...
East Cheonbo-sa's Yong-wang-gak [Dragon-King Shrine] is a remarkable faux-stone-cave with large
granite carvings to symbolize and venerate this key deity of the hydrological cycle and his acolytes.