On the eastern foot of Cheonbo-san, in Namyangju City, just below the entranceway to East
Cheonbo-sa, this "Water-Heaven Hermitage" is a small temple, quite unremarkable except for
the rare female San-shin painting found in its crude old Sanshin-gak Shrine!   Goes to show
how you don't never know what you'll find in the simple places....  Photos on this page were
taken and kindly provided to this site by my friend Joseph Bengivenni in January 2015.
There is also a red-sutra-illustration-theme Chilseong-taenghwa
in this Sanshin-gak, completely ordinary and of no particular interest.
This pair of female and male Sanshin paintings is almost unique in the nation.  They may well
have been done by the same artist.   We have no info, and I cannot tell, whether this is
intended as a husband-wife pair, or as two different male & female Sanshins -- perhaps,
the male one is of pointed Bulam-san, and the female of rounded Cheonbo-san....?
The Yeo-sanshin is quite ordinary in motifs, like the male, except for the dour/exasperated
expression on her face, and the incense-burner-on-stone-pedastal more typical of a Dokseong icon.
She actually looks a little-bit like current Republic of Korea President Park Geun-hae. I do think....