This humble modern Sanshin-gak is nearly lost in the thickets across the Seongju-cheon Stream
from the Seongju-san Seongju-saji Temple-site.  The residents of Seongju Town venerate their

local Mountain-spirit here, twice every year.  It was found in 2011 at the southwestern foot of 680-meter Mt.
Seongju-san, just outside of Seongju Town in Seongju-myeon District, in the eastern area of Boryeong City.
South Chungcheong Province
Boryeong City
Village Sanshin-gak
across the stream from Seongju-saji
This icon is a simple-folkish masterpiece, and all its outstanding motifs are unique, as far as I have seen.
The line-of-birds flying past a full moon (or cloud-covered sun at dawn?), the grey robe with green trim,
the angry look on the mountain-king's face, the deep colors and brushwork on the tiger -- outstanding!