Baekhwa-san Bohyeon-sa
Bodhisattva of Benevolent Action Temple
in Sangju City, Modong-myeon of North Gyeongsang Province
a notable site off the Baekdu-daegan National Range, 8 km away
There are many mountains, peaks and temples in Korea named Baekhwa or "White
Flower", a reference to the Lotus flowers sacred to Buddhism and the color of the
heavenly clouds (sacred to all Korean religious traditions).  This is one of the better-
known ones, really a high steep ridgeline right in the center of South Korea.  Its summit
is the impressive Pyoseong-bong at 934m, from where the ridge heads north then
curves around east for 6 km, dropping to about 300m, until it meets the Baekdu-daegan
mainline just west of Baekhak-san (615m).  This entire mountain-ridge is called the
Baekhwa-jimaek" sub-range.   Several notable historic sacred sites are found on its
southern and eastern slopes.