Finishing Events of the 2007
Baekdu-daegan Expedition -- Page 2
Sunday November 10-11, 2007      (Final Page)
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The next morning, without hangovers due to the purity and medicinal-virtue of
that delicious liquor, we took a contented stroll through the Osaek scenic-gorge,
always one of Korea's prettiest, even on a chilly cloudy late-fall day.
Our final real event of this stage of our Baekdu-daegan Project was Roger and I giving a
Lecture to the 107-year-old Royal Asiatic Society -- Korea, on Tuesday November 13th, 2007.  
The room in downtown Seoul was filled, with about 50 people listening.
I got it started by explaining the cultural history of the Baekdu-daegan concept, the key features
now found along the trail and its potential tourism value for Korea;  Roger then described exactly
what he and Andrew did, why they did it, and told colorful stories from the long trail;  we both then
took questions.  It all seemed to go over very well with the public, people were interested...