Buseok-sa Temple-Stay Event
for the 2007 Baekdu-daegan Expedition
Saturday-Sunday October 20-21, 2007
The Team poses for MBC-TV:   L to R:  staff-member, Korea Mountaineering League President Shawn Morrissey,
Korean Tourism Professor David Mason, Expedition-Hiker Roger Shepherd, former sponsor Mrs. Dho Young-shim,
Expedition-Hiker Andrew Douch, Assistant-Abbott Dongmyeong-Seunim and staff-member.       Photo by Rayn
Yes, the first word on the banner is mis-spelled; "Backdu" should be "Baekdu"...  "Pusoksa" should be "Buseok-sa" too, {sigh}
Expedition-Hikers Roger and Andrew give their interviews
Andrew, Roger, Shawn and Kevin relax in the
rear-garden of the Sosu-seowon, where we had
another tour and conducted more interviews.  
The next day, A & R resumed their Expedition...
Buseok-sa is one of South Korea's Top-21 Buddhist Monasteries,
on the steep lower slopes of Seondal-san in the
Sobaek-san National Park
Roger and Andrew got welcomed to Yeongju City by a banner -- and a gang of elementary students!
Entering the great temple together, and encountering its enlightenment-seeking residents
Journalist Tony MacGreggor, Poet Rayn Roberts and I pay our respects to the
magnificent Goryeo-Dynasty Buddha statue, one of Korea's best ancient artworks
We each made formal statements-of-purpose to the MBC cameras           Photos by Rayn
We had a temple-style vegetarian lunch, and listened to a speech by Yeongju Mayor Kim Joo-young
and then we took a tour of this most beautiful and profound monastery
I served as tour-guide
Mayor Kim and others watched me explain the Signboard granted by King Sejo and the legend of the "Floating Rock"