Worak-san Mid-point Meet-up Event
for the 2007 Baekdu-daegan Expedition
Friday October 5th, 2007
The "2007 Baekdu-daegan Expedition Team"  L to R:  expedition originator/leader  & chief writer Roger
Shepherd,  researcher & contributing-editor David A. Mason and expedition-hiker & writer Andrew Douch
My wife Lourdes and I came out to the very beautiful Worak-san National Park on Friday October
5th to support and encourage Roger and Andrew just before the midpoint of their great trek.  We
stayed over Thursday night at the nearby always-enjoyable Suanbo Hot Springs and then spent
a day of just exactly perfect weather exploring the western side of the park together with them.
Chosun Ilbo newspaper article on our Baekdu-daegan Project that appeared on
October 25th 2007
(just after our Buseok-sa Event, next page), and used a photo from
Worak taken from the Blog (
same as on top of this page).  They got a couple of key
facts wrong, mainly about how it started and who I am in this, but what can you do...
Main Gate of the Joseon-Dynasty Worak Deokju Sanseong Mountain-Fortress
Deokju-sa, the largest temple in the Worak-san region, said to have been founded in 586 CE --
the trail up from here to the Yeong-bong [Spirit Peak] summit and then down east to Shilleuk-sa makes a good alternative route
to the long section of the Baekdu-daegan Trail  running on the south of this Park, which is now closed for nature-restoration.
the great new split-boulder Sanshin-gak [Mountain-spirit Shrine] of Deokju-sa
Yeong-bong summit and its flanking companions
Neo-Traditionalist Folk-Art abounds in this long scenic valley
Our final stop for the day was the Mireuk-saji [ruins-site of Future Buddha Temple], a mysterious
and evocative place founded about 1100 years ago during the long civil wars that resulted in the
foundation of the Goryeo Dynasty.  This site
(with a large modern temple now built behind it) is only about
1400 m from the Baekdu-daegan Ridgeline, and must be counted as one of the key sites along it.