Baekdeok-san & Saja-san
백덕산  白德山    summit 1350m
the mighty "White-Virtue Mountain" over Pyeongchang Town,
and its long "Lion Mountain" Ridge

Host of Beobheung-sa  and  Heungnyeong-saji
the Jeokmul-bogung Hall of Beobheung-sa, with Saja-san behind it
Baedeok-san [White Virtue Mountain] is the 1350-m summit on the right, and Saja-san is the long 1200-m
ridge running west (left) from it, all the way to connecting with Chiak-san's Biro-bong.
Beopheung-sa Temple is seen in the lower-right, and its
Jeokmyeol-bogung Shrine is in the yellow circle.
Beopheung-sa Temple is indicated by the red oval.  Saja-san is all the curving ridgeline at the top,
and running further SW towards
Chiak-san.  Baekdeok-san is the 1350-m summit at the top-right,
just after the ridgeline turns south.  Pyeongchang Town, capital of Pyeongchang-gun County
and HQ for the 2018.02 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, lies in a valley SE of Baekdeok-san.
Summit in wintertime
October 1995
from the summit looking west, September 1993
from the summit looking southeast, Sept 1993 -- middle-distance valley is Pyeongchang Town
Shinseon-bawi-bong  [Daoist Spirit-Immortal Rocks Peak]  from a cliff east-below the summit
Sitting on Shinseon-bawi top-rock, looking back towards the summit