Saja-san  Beobheung-sa
법흥사   法興寺    Dharma Promotion Temple
One of the Original Jeokmyeol-Bogung Temples
Also, One of the Gusan-Seonmun Zen-Origin Temples
Beopheung-sa [法興寺, Dharma Promotion Temple] is a great historic monastery located in a deep valley at the
southern foot of Saja-san [獅子山, Lion Mountain] in remote Suju District 水周面 of lovely Yeongwol-gun County
in Gangwon-do Province, just east of the Chiak-san  National Park. This is one of the six
temples established by great Master Jajang (慈藏, 590-658) in the 640s, containing a sacred pagoda-mound
Sarira relics of Seokgamoni-bul [釋迦牟尼佛, Sakyamuni Buddha, 563-483 BCE].  It is recorded as
having been founded by Jajang with the name
Heungnyeong-sa [興寧寺, Prosperous Peaceful Temple] in 643,
the 12th year of Queen Seondeok (善德女王, r. 632-47) of the Shilla Kingdom.

This site is considered a most highly auspicious
myeongdang [good-energy site] for health & spritual attainment
by Korea's traditional
Pungsu-jiri-seol [feng-shui or geomancy theory] for its remote south-facing steep-upper-
valley situation within a rectangle of high craggy mountains.  The Jucheon River originates here, flowing down
southward to join the South Han River in southern Yeongweol-gun.   

The Mt. Saja-san (獅子山) sect of Korean Seon Buddhism was established here by Master Doyun (道允; 797-
868) who had studied under Nanjuan puyuan (南泉 普願; 748-835), making this one of the
temples. After centuries of flourishing as a major Seon center for centuries it fell into decay during the Joseon
Dynasty (朝鮮王朝, 1392-1897).

Its name changed to the present title in 1902, when it was reconstructed. It was destroyed again in the 1950-
53 Korean War, but has been rebuilt as a grand monastery since the 1970s.  The road running from the main
temple complex to the Jeokmyeol-bogung shrine offers beautiful pine-forest scenery to visitors. It is now a subsidiary
temple of
Odae-san Woljeong-sa, and a destination for pilgrims and tourists, offering a popular Templestay program.
These great new photos here & below of Beopheung-sa were contributed by
Dale's Korean Temple Adventures -- see his informative post!
The biseok stele for Great Master Jinghyo, designated as Korean Treasure #612
Beopheung-sa's new Sanshin-gak [Mountain-spirit Shrine]
THREE Sanshin altars with paintings and statues, two male and one female --unique!
Might they represent the three major surrounding mountains, Baekdeok-san, Saja-san and Chiak-san...?
The unique new "Mandala-jeon" Hall -- the painting has five cosmic Buddhas and myriad Bodhisattvas
The new Samseong-gak, which enshrines Chilseong, Yong-wang and Dokseong -- a highly unusual trinity!
The great Yong-wang Taenghwa [Dragon-King Altar-painting] inside.  
Unique in that it seems to be
Munsu-bosal [Bodhisattva of Wisdom] riding in to visit on a Haetae
mount instead of Gwanse-eum-bosal [Bodhisattva of Compassion] as is standard in these icons!!