Saja-san  Beobheung-sa
Jeokmyeol Bogung
One of the Original Jeokmyeol-Bogung Shrines
the Jeokmul-bogung Hall of Saja-san Beobheung-sa
"Jeokmyeol Bogung" Signboards in Hanja and Han-geul
The stone-lined earthen mound where the sarira relics of Sakyamuni Buddha were interred by Master Jajang in 643 CE
Beopheung-sa [法興寺, Dharma Promotion Temple] is one of the six Jeokmyeol-bogung temples
established by great Master Jajang (慈藏, 590-658) in the 640s, containing a sacred pagoda-mound
Sarira relics of Seokgamoni-bul [釋迦牟尼佛, Sakyamuni Buddha, 563-483 BCE].  It is
recorded ashaving been founded by Jajang with the name
Heungnyeong-sa [興寧寺, Prosperous
Peaceful Temple] in 643, the 12th year of Queen Seondeok of the Shilla Kingdom.
The Goryeo-Dynasty budo monument there at the mound, we dont know for whom; Korean Treasure #612
The modern Jeokmyeol Bogung Hall with view of a ridge of Mt. Saja-san
The altar-window inside the hall, offering view of the relic-mound, in the style of Jajang's original masterwork at Tongdo-sa
A devotional assembly of lay-worshippers at the Jeokmyeol Bogung Hall, in 2015