Chungnam's  Taean County,  Anmyeon Island's  Guksa-bong  
Anmyeon-am Temple
This is a fairly-spectacular modern temple on the east coast of Anmyeon-do Island, at the eastern foot of Guksa-bong
(107m), the highest mountain on it.  A member of the Jogye Order, it is the largest and most-visited religious institution
on the much-touristed island, which is part of Taean County.  The big 3-storey tower above is still under-construction as
of July 2009, and looks like it will be residential and for lectures / seminars.  Note the statues on the landscaped slope.
In accordance with its location, Anmyeon-am is specially dedicated to Gwanse-eum-bosal the Bodhisattva
of Compassion (
Avalotesvara) -- and his usual folk-culture companion the Yong-wang Dragon King.
The Main Building seen from the rear, with the unique Samseong-gak Tower to its left.
but the truly-different feature of this temple is the metal 5-storey pagoda built on a raft, which is held by
cables between two little hillocks -- when the tide is low it looks like this and people can walk out there
over the mud-flats, and when the tide is high it floats between the two islands, rather mystically.
Main Altar in the Main Hall
Shilla-Dynasty-style  Geumgang (Diamond, Vajra)  Guardian figures  on the walkway in
The Shinjung-taenghwa [Assembly of Guardian Spirits relief-icon in the Main Hall
Yong-wang Dragon King with a military spirit
San-shin the Mountain-King in-between two military
spirits, has a prominent leaf-mantle on his shoulders,
representing his close relationship with King Dan-gun.
The remarkable 3-storey Folk-spirits
Tower attached to the Main Hall by
bridges.  The top floor is for meditation,
the middle floor is a Yong-wang-gak
[Dragon-King Shrine] and the ground-floor
is a Samseong-gak [Three Sages Shrine].
the view northwards from a balcony of that Tower